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J28, 2012

April 29, 2013

DSCN0726Don’t tell OPD, but

Remember my friend

When you feel helpless

Wield your convictions,

Like firearms

‘Cause these weapons

Don’t sound their metal detectors

And when you can’t tempt sleep

Into lying down within you

On filthy holding cell floors


That our ideals,

Can pluck feather down

From crumpled paper cups

And weave concrete

Into the finest silken sheets

‘Cause when they treat us like the shit on their boots

They’re the ones who aint human

‘Cause they can take the laces from off our feet

At the jail door and even

Bind our hands

In plastic bands behind our backs

Feeling the ache

Of bullet proof glass

And concrete

On tired ass

I remind myself

They cannot confiscate

What is woven

Into flesh and history

The things

That I carry

Within myself

They cannot confiscate the fact that

Outside these walls

Comrades brave the night

Like torches

Burning coffee cigarettes and love

In bellies bellowing echoing poetry

That sends the heart of power racing

They burn also

Here with us

They can’t confiscate this poetry


Every punch we throw

And every step back we do not take

Come from futures speaking through us

Worlds yet unformed

Like children still waiting to be born

From the womb of possibility

They remain

Here within us

They can’t confiscate

The history of many colored moments

Like knots that knit me

From barefoot dusty chaparral canyon indigo evenings

To midnight secret meetings

In high school lovers’ red linen sheets

Traversing tears of adolescence self doubt and white guilt

To reach greener pastures in steadfast politics

These histories


Here in me

They cannot confiscate

How 60%

of my body weight

has fallen

like tiny crystals from the bellies

of rolling clouds

ten thousand times

over ten thousand forests

and ten thousand mountain ranges,

slithering through ten thousand extinct river systems,

and extinct wild oceans,

patently watching continents drift.

This dignity remains always

Here within me

They can’t confiscate how

Against all toxic odds my heart beats

between 60 and 170 times every minute

pushing rivers of blood through the world of my animal

I bring action to these quivering muscles

And limbs

And the dust I beat defiantly

When boundaries break

Still falling

Here around me

They cannot confiscate the way

We keep on chasing dreams

That never stand still,

Chasing visions of worlds

That condense and dissipate

Like ghosts in midnight clothesline alleyways

between riot cop lines like carnivore teeth

lungs burning

like tear gas


drawing breath,


We may never catch these dreams

but we will never

stop running

These dreams flash

Across bars and cinder block walls

Here too beside us

And so even confined

Like animals in factory farms

Even pressed against concrete teeth

In holding cells

Even freezing shivering

Bound at the wrists

Even at the point of guns

For the moment submissive


Remain powerful


Remain free


Keep running swiftly

In open fields of possibility


Like mothers bear

Many new worlds

And it might be


And it might be


But we

Stay so proud


Stay graceful


Are still winning

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